Welcome to the CRIJO Kitty Crib Donation Program

Unfortunately, there are many valid reasons cats in shelters must sometimes spend time in cages; intake, isolation, sickness or behavior issues, just to name a few. Just being in a cage is stressful for a cat. Enrichment that can be introduced to the cage environment helps reduce stress making for a healthier, happier and more adoptable cat. CRIJO addressed this issue by developing the perfect enrichment product for cages, our Kitty Crib allows for separation of the food and litter, offers a sisal mat and an optional post for scratching and provides a resting place that allows a cat to be up "high" in the cage.

Many shelters have signed up to take part in our Kitty Crib Donation Program. Your local shelter may be one of them; by using the dropdown menu to the right. 
THEY NEED YOU and others like you to donate a Kitty Crib to help their cats in cages. For every 9 CRIJO Kitty Cribs that are donated to your shelter, CRIJO will send the 10th one free!

Crijo Kitty Crib 1
Crijo Kitty Crib 2