The Kitty Crib provides economical enrichment to cats housed in individual cages by separating dining, sleeping, and waste areas. It is made of disinfectable acrylic, is 13 1/4” high, 20 3/4” wide, 15 3/4“ deep, and weighs only 11 pounds. It provides an elevated, curved, resting surface (preferred by cats) and a baffle separates food and water from the litter box. A horizontal sisal scratch pad and a 6” sisal scratch post are available as options.



  • Translucent (reduces upper respiratory infections).
  • Curved resting area (the preference of felines).
  • A baffle is between food/water and waste areas.
  • Acrylic / Stainless steel surfaces easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Cut out handles for easily transporting a unit.            
  • Elevated resting area (an obvious preference of feline).
  • 13 1/4” high, 20 3/4” wide, 15 3/4“ deep
  • Light weight (11 lbs).
  • Resists stains and daily exposure to disinfectants.
  • Optional disposable scratch post and/or pad.


  • An economical upgrade of sanitary living condition offering separation of dining, sleeping, and waste areas.
  •  A removable unit easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Tinted advanced material allowing privacy. Increases floor space and provides elevated comfort.
  • Corrosion resistant constructed of durable  advanced materials.
  • Improves presentation of adoption animals for public viewing in a sanitary and humane fashion.
  •  Options:  The disposable scratch post benefiting felines.
  •  Orthopedic benefits encouraged by stretching.
  •  Instinctive Grooming needs facilitated with sisal

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