Customer Testimonials for CRIJO Kitty Cribs

“Before we received our Kitty Cribs, we were trying to come up with ways to enrich the cats lives while in our care at the shelter.  We would us card board boxes, that would be destroyed in less than a day.  Cats naturally like to perch and after we received our Kitty Cribs, the cats seemed happier being up high.  The cats are less messy too, because they can not dump their litter boxes.  It has been a real improvement on the cats lives since receiving our Kitty Cribs.”

Karen Melnyk, Registered Animal Health Technologist II
Supervisor, Animal Care Team
Animal Care & Control Centre
City of Edmonton

I want to tell you how much our kitties are enjoying our new kitty crib!  We have one cat who is frightened to come out of her cage and the crib has made her a much happier girl – so she has claimed it as her own.

Rhonda Douglass
ASAP Cat Shelter

“Here at the Durham County Animal Shelter, we LOVE our Crijo Kitty Cribs! They upgrade the living space for our cats and kittens to a two-floor condo, which gives additional space for sleeping and playing. These Kitty Cribs also keep the living space cleaner for our felines by keeping litter out of food and water bowls. Overall, thanks to Kitty Cribs, the appearance and functionality of our cat cages are improved. “

Stephanie L. Kirby
Animal Protection Society of Durham

“Our kitties are enjoying their new comfy accommodations! We just received our first order of Kitty Cribs for Cat Holding.  These cool inserts fit right into our existing cages and help make the space a bit more comfortable by separating litter and food and giving a large area to spread out on above.”

Dr. Aleisha Swartz,
Hawaii Humane Society

“It has already got 2 thumbs up from the staff and our first patient is liking his new digs.” 

Cindy Mead, LVT
Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center